Summer Camp Week 1: Fabric Art!

June 27, 2012 • After School Workshop

Now that school’s out for the summer, the After School Workshop blog will be devoted to our Summer Camp program. Since Summer Camp is always well attended at Magical Minds Studio, and since students often come several days a week, we like to build our summer programming around week-long themes. This first week of Summer Camp was all about Fabric Art.

A favorite project that students like to make year after year is the plastic bottle-yarn pencil holder. Our staff cut the tops off of donated plastic soda bottles, which the kids then covered with a mixture of tacky glue and Elmer’s. With this extra sticky mixture, the yarn that the students wind around the bottles is held tight, and dries quickly. And since the bottles are water-proof, these can also be used as flower vases!

Next we used fabric to imitate food with colorful felt cupcakes. Felt is easy to cut and easy to glue, so it was the perfect material for our delicious-looking project. After attaching the tops of the cupcake to their bases, all we needed to do was add some  plastic “sprinkles” and stick magnets to the back and we had a yummy fabric treats to grace the refrigerator doors at home!

Tapestries were also on the agenda for Fabric Week, and we cut squares of light-weight fabric on which the students could create their masterpieces. With special fabric pastels and stencils, we ended up with some amazing tapestries.

We also had a holiday looming during our first week of camp, so we had the students work on special fabric-themed cards for Father’s Day. Using patterned paper, the kids cut out and collaged shirts and ties to be featured on the front of their cards. Happy Father’s Day and Happy Summer!