Summertime Flowers and Seed Bombs

June 14, 2012 • After School Workshop

This week we got in the spirit of the growing season with our After School students. Using a method adapted from the recently popular “green” movement, Brianne introduced the kids to “Seed Bombs”! Each of our students pressed a variety of flower seeds into wet terracotta, added a little bit of dirt, and finished by molding the clay into spheres. These “seed bombs” can be planted in the ground, creating a perfect environment for the seeds to flourish into flowers!

According to, the method was invented by “Japanese biologist and farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka,” and it continues to be widely used by contemporary, radical gardeners to beautify land that has been abandoned and neglected.

Each of our students took their “seed bombs” home to watch them grow. Make sure they get enough water!