Prehistoric Geography

February 15, 2013 • Passport To Preschool

Last week, we introduced the notion of geography to our Passport 2 Preschool class, incorporating important vocabulary words: Direction, Location, Map, Distance, Excavate, Habitat and Science.

We started out by having the preschoolers make their own land out of clay on a piece of plywood.  Then, our discussion of places we’ve visited, climates and habitats lead to discussions on animals and prehistoric times.  Since we follow a Reggio based learning system, we incorporate projects that the children are curious about.  This lesson was completely guided by their interest, so our lesson evolved to include dinosaurs and animals as well.

We froze plastic dinosaurs in water balloons and let the kids use small plastic hammers to excavate these “fossils.” From our large collection of animal figurines, the preschoolers then sorted out the land animals and placed them on the plywood/clay pieces they had made earlier. Their favorite sand table was transformed into their own imaginary habitat, and we also practiced finding our location on the US map.

It’s all about the students making connections and enhancing their knowledge of the world around them!