October 8, 2014 • Passport To Preschool

We got a little crazy for color this week. We liked the rainbow before but now we LOVE it. Not only have we studied each color of the rainbow individually and in depth, but we also took things a step or two further and mixed them. We explored this in a number of ways but I am only going to tell you about the most thrilling here. First we covered our left hand in yellow paint – this in itself was a delight. Then we covered our right hand in blue paint – joy! wait, it gets better. We then simply followed our natural impulse to rub our two painty hands together and… eureka! We discovered we had created green paint! We repeated the process with other colors…

… and we made sure to document our discoveries as we weren’t sure we would be believed.

Furthermore, we marched like ants, danced with scarves, practiced writing our names and  gave particular attention to the letter O, and the month of October.

We also had a birthday to celebrate… HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY!