Orange Monster in the Studio!

October 21, 2014 • Passport To Preschool

Last week we had many exciting outdoor activities planned… however, as we all know, in Chicago it sometimes happens that the weather intervenes and keeps us stuck indoors when we had hoped to be out. BUT here at Magical Minds we think on our feet and are never defeated by the seasons! Instead, it made us determined to do something extra special indoors:

This may look like a Jack O’ Lantern to ordinary folk, but we know it to be an ORANGE MONSTER – made from all the wonderful orange food we have been exploring: pumpkin, clementines, gourd, carrots…! It has been a cheery presence in the studio all week!

As well as orange, we studied black and white and did some collages, mosaics and in defiance of the rain we drew it!

Now, it has been noted that despite all the excitement of P2P we manage to seem pretty mellow. Our secret? We end the class with some yoga on the rug: