Hip to be Square

November 18, 2014 • Passport To Preschool

“Don’t tell me that I’m crazy,

Don’t tell me I’m nowhere,

Take it from me,

Its hip to be square”

– Huey Lewis and the News

(it’s too good a reference not to use again this week)

Huey will be gratified to know that we couldn’t agree more with his sentiment, as we explored SQUARENESS all last week.

We also concentrated on the letter Q and the number 7, though I am yet to come across any musical references to that particular combination.

So much fun to be had with Squares! We made our own paper patchwork quilts, block patterns and square stencils. We wove checkerboards and sculpted our own squares out of clay and straws. We took our theme to the studio dance floor, and did some serious square dancing.

So far, it seems that circles and squares are equally awesome. Will triangles be even better? We will keep you posted…!