Pizza and Yoga

November 25, 2014 • Passport To Preschool

Our study of squares turned out to be the perfect segue to TRIANGLES, last week’s theme, as we soon discovered that all you have to do to get a triangle is to fold a square in half – simple!

As it happens, most of our favorite things are triangular: slices of PIZZA, SANDWICHES and PYRAMIDS. Of course we created all of these things in both two and three dimensions and used a variety of fun materials.

As our letter last week was the letter J, we made sure to make our triangular sandwiches full of delicious JELLY. We also placed triangles of the floor and JUMPED from one to the other and JOGGED around the studio. Our number this week was the number 1.

Other exciting news: we now have new purple yoga mats in the studio! Ideally they should be TRIANGULAR (and JADE?) to fit in with our theme, but we could hardly wait until we studied rectangles to start busting some yoga moves on them. Here we are, perfecting our postures: