Happy Hibernating

December 10, 2014 • Passport To Preschool

The Christmas decorations are going up in the studio window, the snow is coming down; it is undeniably WINTER.

As a season, it has it’s pros and cons. On the plus side it involves holidays, on the minus, it takes so long to put on all those layers when you go out into the cold!


Last week at Magical Minds, we got to grips with the seasons. We made a special clock for telling the seasons, we practiced writing our winter words and did the seasons dance.








Do you know who needs some cheering up once it gets cold outside? The birds do. Thats why we decided to help them out by making two kinds of bird feeders. In the animal kingdom there are generally two approaches to winter. On the one hand you can hibernate, on the other hand just tough it out, like we do. What do turtles do?

Talking of animals, we created a large landscape drawing where all the plastic animals could roam. We had trees and caves for the animals and we were able to move them all around and keep adding to the drawing… it was a lot of fun!

We always like to paint, and we all feel extremely at home in front of an easel with paintbrush and smock, but last week we felt particularly artistic – here we are working on our masterpieces:

As well as the seasons, last week we studied the letter T, the number 8 AND celebrated Ella’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!