December 3, 2014 • Passport To Preschool

We thought the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving was by nominating the letter T to be our letter of the week. 

This Thanksgiving we were thankful for the letter T and the number 4. We then listed all the other things we are thankful for: our parents, our friends, the animals and the flowers… and drew pictures of them in a brilliant concertina book.

What else begins with a T? TURKEY, thats what – we made our own using the outline of our hands and feathers. What else? TRAIN begins with a T, some of us may have rode on TRAINS on our THANKSGIVING TRIPS – so we made a train dance around the studio.

Despite the week being a short one, we conscientiously studied the alphabet and our numbers, and we were able to spell out the (by no means short!) word THANKSGIVING in magnets. Another successful week!