Artists, Shapes, and Colors

September 29, 2016 • Passport To Preschool

For the past few weeks Ms Patty has been teaching basic concepts, such as colors, letters and shapes, using the work of famous artists. 

Picasso’s variety of artwork laid the foundations to talk about comparison. Comparison of different shapes, comparison of background to foreground, and comparison of abstract versus realism.

Abstract Expressionism, a style natural to children when they are experimenting with textures, colors and shapes, was taught with examples of work by Motherwell. The preschooler focused on drawing squares and rectangles, even if they couldn’t see what they were drawing in white crayon until they revealed it with watercolors. All this practice drawing lines paired well with their practice through the week writing the letter I.

Not surprisingly, the letter of the week was O when we were studying circles and Kandinsky. We traced them, free-hand drew them, filled them with color and printed them.