What We’re Up To in the After School Workshop!

January 30, 2012 • After School Workshop

For those of you who may not know, Magical Minds Studio has slightly changed our programming to include an emphasis on our After School Workshop. Instead of only stopping in for an hour-long class here and there, parents and kids have been very excited to be a part of on-going programs like this one. In our After School Workshop, a Magical Minds Studio staff member picks up kids directly from school and brings them to the studio.

After School Workshop students work on Recycled Art

For our After School Workshop, we like to strike a balance between structured art classes and more relaxed, self-initiated art studio time. Each day, kids get to have time to eat a snack and unwind from school, and then spend time with our Magical Minds Studio instructors, creating themed art projects that they can continue to work on from day to day.

We also like to incorporate time for kids to work on their homework with help from our staff.

Since the After School Program is a longer-term program, kids get to make friends and create bonds with each other and with our instructors as they see each other day to day and week to week.

In the pictures you see here, the After School kids are using our recycled and donated materials, using their imaginations to combine different materials into sculptures that they get to take home.

This group particularly loves working with the small wood pieces donated from our cabinet-maker neighbors on Harrison Street. The boys and girls use it to make spaceships, incredibly elaborate miniature houses and all kinds of other objects…we’re always surprised by what they come up with!