Spring Break Camp: Rauschenberg Day

April 22, 2012 • After School Workshop

Though we’re big on crafts here at Magical Minds Studio, we also like to incorporate little bits of fine art history now and then.During our Spring Break Camp, the campers got a whole day dedicated to American artist and icon, Robert Rauschenberg. With his groundbreaking “Combines” in which the artist juxtaposed found objects and images with gestural, painterly marks, Rauschenberg changed the face of art history and laid the foundation for the Pop Art Movement that was to follow.

Though we sadly lost Rauschenberg in 2008, his influence lives on. At the studio, the campers got to create their own “Combines,” cutting out images from magazines, and mix them with bold, colorful shapes and marks.

* A little artist trivia: Did you know that Rauschenberg created the first Earth Day poster in 1970?