Printmaking at Summer Camp

July 18, 2012 • After School Workshop

We often found that printmaking is a fascinating experience for kids. Though it’s still a two-dimensional medium, prints require unique processes for their creation. Instead of the direct “paintbrush-on-canvas” or “pencil-on-paper” approach, our Summer Campers learned about how their inks must be applied first to a plate or stamp, and then applied to the paper.

This week, printing took place in two forms. The first consisted of using ink rollers on large stamps we had created by mounting foam cut-outs on wooden blocks. The second method, watercolors and shaving cream, was so much fun that the kids couldn’t stop making prints! This is especially popular with our Preschool-age campers, so you can see more pictures of shaving cream printing on our Passport2Preschool blog.