The Staples of Our Studio

September 24, 2012 • After School Workshop

Many of our After School Workshop students come to the studio every day to spend their afternoons and early evenings with us. Here are a few of the things that our students have daily access to during our program.

At Magical Minds Studio, our easels are always prepared for spontaneous painting with fresh pots of tempera, paintbrushes, and large manilla paper. As our students can attest, you can never get tired of painting! And with the recycled materials continuously and generously donated by our community, our students are always making collages, like the one pictured below.

Our large light table has become a multipurpose station, sometimes used for building with clear, colored blocks and other times for tracing and rubbing projects, while our collection of wooden blocks gets employed to create sprawling cities and kingdoms.

Our students never run out of creative ideas!