Louise Nevelson and the Wall of Fame

January 28, 2015 • After School Workshop

Last week we were inspired by American artist Louise Nevelson and her monochromatic assemblages. 


We love her because she took whatever trash she could find on the streets of New York and with care, skill and creativity, turned it into something beautiful. Thats an attitude we share here at M.M Studio, so we wasted no time in rolling up our sleeves and getting down to some serious assemblaging.

Taking a range of found materials, from discarded markers to buttons to water bottles, we placed them inside boxes and formed compositions which focused on texture and form.


We then painted them black, disguising their origin and transforming them into something strange and new.

They turned out so well, Ms Emily could not resist sharing them, and so installed them beautifully at the front of the studio for all of our viewing pleasure! Don’t they look great?

Something else that looks great… we now have a wall of fame where we will be showcasing our students wonderful drawing skills. We will have new drawings every week – THANK YOU to our first week of artists; Evelyn, Soloman, Harrison and Amaya!