What We’re Up To at Passport 2 Preschool!

March 3, 2012 • Passport To Preschool

Magical Minds Studio has been providing the Passport to Preschool program at our studio for a couple years now, and it just keeps on growing!

P2P students work on a wintery art project

This is a special, weekday morning class for our youngest artists. The little ones are able to actively learn in a small group environment, exploring the media and the themed topics for the day. Throughout the morning, the students are able to work on a variety of related art projects, learning about colors and textures as well as letters and numbers.  They also explore and learn about the world around them – including topics like plants, animals, seasons and other cultures.

We think it’s important the children learn through a hands-on experience. A typical day might include play-dough sculpture as a group, individual watercolor painting, a trip to the sensory table and a story about undersea life. The kids also get to utilize our donated and recycled materials, building everything from sculptures and collages, to masks and hand puppets.

A favorite of the current group is the free-time session at the sand table. With buckets, shovels, scoops and plastic toys, the Preschoolers get to experiment with the available materials, work together as a group, and build on what they learn from day to day.