‘K’ is for ‘Kite’ and ‘Kangaroo’

May 16, 2012 • Passport To Preschool

We’ve been moving along through the alphabet, and this week was the Letter ‘K.’The Preschoolers learned about two things that start with ‘K’: Kites and Kangaroos!

Sometimes crafts at Magical Minds Studio are about making beautiful pictures, collages or paintings, but sometimes we mix it up and create crafts the kids can use and wear –which makes art that much more fun! To make these kites, we incorporated some of our most useful materials: clear contact paper and colored tissue paper. Make sure to add string to each corner of the ‘kite,’ and enough at the bottom to hang on to it when the wind picks up!

For our lesson on Kangaroos, the Preschoolers learned about the pouches in which the animals carry their babies. We used brown paper and markers to cut out baby kangaroos that we then fastened to the students bellies with string!