‘M’ is for ‘Mosaics,’ ‘Monster Masks’ and ‘Masterpiece’

May 30, 2012 • Passport To Preschool

As we moved on to the letter ‘M’ at Passport2Preschool, we found lots of projects that happen to begin with ‘M’!

First were the Monster Masks, which we made from ordinary paper plates that were cut along the bottom to make some scary teeth, and the preschoolers added their own monster eyes, fluffy pom-poms, and colorful collage papers. The last step was gluing a stick to the back of the plate so we could hold the masks up in front of our faces!

Mosaics were our next project, and we made a few different varieties of them. The more elaborate mosaics were made from beads and gems embedded in some fast-drying clay, while the simpler mosaics were square pieces of foam paper glued onto a heart-shaped support. And to make these mosaics look even more realistic, we glued some sand in between the foam pieces for added texture.

Though all the projects our students make are special, we also wanted to give them a chance to create Masterpieces as we learned about the letter ‘M.’ Markers, collage and crayons were the materials of choice for these pieces, and while abstraction seemed to be a common style, if we looked closely we could see faces and landscapes in these true Masterpieces!

And last but not least, our journey with the letter ‘M’ also included Mother’s Day! We wrapped up some Mother’s Day surprises  in colorful tissue paper tied with yarn, while one preschooler really got into the spirit of the holiday –dancing in her red Mother’s Day T-Shirt.