‘O’ is for “Owls” and “Oceans”

June 21, 2012 • Passport To Preschool

Next in our exploration of the alphabet, we introduced the letter ‘O’ with examples from the sky and the sea. The owls we crafted from brown paper, pattered paper feathers, colorful real feathers, and sparkly gems for the eyes. Choosing amongst the pre-cut shapes, the Preschoolers pasted their selected items to their brown paper owl body. The results are unique and sweetly patch-worked creations!

From the air to the ocean, we introduced ‘O’ for ‘ocean’ with simple dioramas. We first cut paper plates in half, then glued them to a full plate, which were then ready for paint, paper fishes, tissue paper seaweed and crowd-pleasing glitter to complete the underwater wonderlands. Beautiful!