Connecting with Nature at Passport 2 Preschool

September 24, 2012 • Passport To Preschool

This past week at Passport 2 Preschool, we decided to bring the outdoors in and learn about our connection to nature!

Our projects this week were a hit –especially our tree paintings. Each student’s arm and hand was covered with brown finger paint and pressed onto a piece of paper. The resulting print resembled a tree trunk and branches which the preschoolers then decorated with cutouts of brown, green, orange and yellow leaves for fall. We also worked on some collage owls using triangle-shaped construction paper as a base.

Next, we made rubbings of actual leaves, placing them underneath a piece of paper and coloring over with wide, flat crayons to reveal the texture and shape of the leaves. Two of our other sensory projects included our indoor sandbox, and the clay station where the students learned how various tools can manipulate this earthen material.

And finally, for our math component, the students counted “stones” as they hopped from triangle to triangle, naming the color as they landed on each one.