Pom Poms and Apple Stamps: Learning about Multiples

October 10, 2012 • Passport To Preschool

As adults, identifying the similarities and differences amongst alike things is a something that we can easily take for granted, but for preschoolers, this is an important skill that needs to be cultivated. And what better way than through hands-on arts and crafts!

Recently, our Preschoolers learned all about different ways to create and categorize like subjects. First, we used our light table to illuminate white plastic containers in which to sort a variety of different colored pom poms. Using big, dull tweezers, the students carefully chose and placed their pom poms, an activity that helped illustrate color and sequence.

Next, we learned about different ways in which to depict the same image: an apple. Our instructors cut actual apples in half, and our Preschoolers used them as stamps, dipping them into red paint and applying them to paper. We also used our fingertips as art-making tools by putting them in fingerpaint. The teachers helped each student carefully place their fingertip into the paint, making sure that they got a little red and a little green each time. By applying two fingertip prints right next to one another, it looks like an apple! Especially when you use a pencil to draw the stem.

Nice work, Preschoolers!