Safety and Transporation Week

December 12, 2012 • Passport To Preschool

At Magical Minds Studio, we teach a lot of creative skills, and in our Passport 2 Preschool program, we incorporate a lot of life skills into our curriculum as well.

This week, we focused on transportation and safety. For the preschoolers, we wanted them to know that while we can have a lot of fun with the trains, planes and automobiles that take us to new places, it’s important to be cautious, too.

For our car craft, we chose a project that’s collaborative and delightfully messy. The preschoolers each dipped the wheels of a toy car in some washable tempera paint and then rolled the color along a large piece of white paper. Not only do we get a rainbow of color with this method, but we also get to see the texture and trajectory of the little vehicles.

We also performed a version of Little Red Riding Hood in order to teach the kids about strangers, and we created our own “Stranger Danger Monster” pets out of cardboard, tubes, paper plates and cups to remind us to always be aware!