Color and Sorting: New Tools, New Approach

January 23, 2013 • Passport To Preschool

At Magical Minds Studio, the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy is a big part of how we encourage our students to guide themselves through the learning process.

This week’s theme at Passport 2 Preschool was “Color and Sorting,” reinforcing these skills through a number of materials and projects set up in different environments. These environments act as a third teacher, a space where the children can work with tools without the constant prompting from an instructor. By learning this way, the preschoolers gain confidence in their abilities.

Watercolors on mirrors made color irresistible, while blocks and gems made counting fun and colorful. Homemade dough made a great base for inserting soft wire and straws, and the project struck up a fantastic conversation about robots and electricity!