Science Week!

February 20, 2013 • Passport To Preschool

Last week we talked about geography in our Passport 2 Preschool class, and that ended up in a discussion about animals and science. Taking that lead, we decided to dedicate the whole week to science!

Our preschool students were curious about who scientists are and what they do. With that in mind, we let them lead us into an exploration of that subject.

First, Miss Danielle helped us demonstrate gravity. Dipping the wheels of toy cars in paint, the students rolled them down a ramp covered with white paper. The tracks made fun patterns! Gravity also came into play in our watercolor designs, in which we suspended balloons filled with watercolor and let them slowly drip onto pieces of paper.

Then, we made bubble solution with food coloring and made bubbles by blowing into straws. After that, we created our own Flubber! It was a huge hit, and everybody got to take some home.

Also, you can’t have a science week without a volcano experiment, so we built a mini volcano and watched it erupt. And as always, some students just want to paint, and we learned how to make purple my mixing blue and red.