Planting Trees…

February 27, 2015 • After School Workshop

Exciting times at the studio! Last week we began an exciting new project which will culminate next week with a series of performances.




We got ourselves in teams and put our heads together to come up with a storyline, characters and a script – the only condition being that the performance involves (and regular visitors to the studio will understand why!) a TREE. We had some ideas about what the tree should look like:

You’ll hear more about this in the next blog!

STUDIO UPDATE: As you already know, Magical Minds is the proud owner of a stunning, sparkling, silver kiln. We thought it only right and proper that such a treasured member of the MM community be given a name, but the question was, what name could be good enough? Well, after lots of superb suggestions we have selected our favorite. Our kiln is now officially named HOT MAMA.

Not only did last week see HOT MAMA perform a perfect bisque firing (thats firing the raw clay to a brittle, porous state that is good for applying glazes) but she then fired all of our beautiful, glazed pieces so they came out like beautiful jewels! Thank you, H.M!

MORE NEWS: Last week we washed off the beautiful love hearts we painted on the studio windows for Valentines day, only to replace them with something even better. After School Artist NAOMI gave us a wonderful design (the original can be seen on our noticeboard) which was faithfully reproduced on a larger scale on the studio windows and looks fantastic. Thank you, Naomi!