Quiet in the Studio, and…. ACTION!

March 12, 2015 • After School Workshop

After a creatively frantic couple of weeks of painting backdrops, writing scripts, making props and rehearsing, the Afterschoolers were finally ready to don their costumes, step in front of the camera and perform!

And (as usual) they did a wonderful job! Click on the link to see one of the many plays performed.

Our lovely play!


Meanwhile, the students weren’t the only ones to be performing. We were fortunate enough to be joined on Friday by Ms. Ana (a rare treat, as she usually only graces the studio with her presence on Tuesdays and Thursdays) who brought with her a box of surprises which included (to our delight) a UKULELE. Not only did she play this but she taught us how to play it too! Did I mention she told us a story? And the singing? All on one day! We hope she makes this a habit. Thanks Ana!

Last week the studio was a happier, better place for having Makhari in it – which is why we honored him with the highest award of the week: THE GOLDEN LOG OF GLORY! Thank you Makhari!