Ready, Steady… Draw!

March 17, 2015 • After School Workshop

After being on stage, it was great to get back to basics in the studio last week, and get down to some good, old fashioned DRAWING. 

We started the week by reminding ourselves of the value of value drawing – and exercised our skills with a simple still life. Equipped with just a pencil, eraser and some experiments in shading, we created some very beautiful work.

By midweek, the pull of the fine weather proved too much for us, and we had to get out into the sunshine! Racing around the park in the fresh air effected our drawing somewhat, and back in the studio our drawings became bigger and brighter and more energetic…. blame it on the Spring, or Artist Tony Orrico… but it was a great week for remembering why we love drawing so much!

Always ready to help with handing out materials and being the most enthusiastic homeworker, studio assistant ETHAN has been long overdue a crowning and a go on the GOLDEN LOG – thank you Ethan, keep up the good work!