Shhhh…. its a Secret

April 22, 2015 • After School Workshop

I’d love to tell you all about what we did last week at the studio but I really can’t. 

Alright, if you insist… I can show you these, but thats really all… although I suppose I can mention that we worked with clay and that we did some slab building and some pinch pots and we worked on decorating our forms and everything, as you have come to expect! has turned out beautifully so far…

What I am not at liberty to say is what these wondrous objects are for, or (ahem) whom they are for… thats the secret. Although all will be revealed soon.

I will tell you that we had beautiful weather on Wednesday and we had a lovely time in the park!

Another thing I am more than happy to share: remember those beautiful paintings we did? There will soon be a selection on view at Oak Park Library – more details to follow!