Gentle Giants

May 27, 2015 • After School Workshop

Sometimes a project can be a little ambitious….

…and sometimes a project can take a little longer than a week to complete. When the project has the proportions of a triceratops, is that really surprising? And when it comes to DINOSAURS we are more than happy for the project to overrun.

Last week we began by drawing some of our own dinos, giving special thought to the texture of the scales and skin.

Now, after a year of making, we are experts at sculpture and so when it came to building our own, we jumped straight in with aplomp! Too easy? Alright, how about an ENORMOUS triceratops head?

Luckily, we had our excellent new teacher Natalie to show us how its done – WELCOME NATALIE!

It requires three horns, a neck frill, big jaws and lots of teeth! Our team of skilled sculptors set to work.


Watch out next week in the studio, we hope to have it on the wall!