Gelli Printing and Self-Portraits

April 25, 2016 • After School Workshop

This week our students were able to experiment with Gelli Printing and Self Portraits!

Earlier this year, our students explored monoprinting with homeade Jell-O and discovered endless objects that could be used to produce texture and lines. This week we decided to use a store bought Gelli plate so we could use it as much as we wanted.   Let’s just say this is addicting!  If you’re looking for some rainy day projects get yourself a Gelli plate!  Click here for more information and ideas on what you can do with your kids.

Putting a little twist on the old “self-portrait” we decided to trace ourselves and mount the drawing onto a watercolor backround we created.  Some of our students decided to use stencils to add a bit more interest to their piece.  As you can see, these turned out great, they’ll be up on our gallery wall, so be sure to check them out when you visit!



Check back next week for more updates!