What We’ve Been Up To!

April 11, 2016 • After School Workshop

It’s been quite the year at the studio! We have been lucky enough to explore an array of concepts with our students each week and have fun while doing so!Glazed PiecesDue to our undying love for HOT MAMA, our studio’s kiln, the students have been glazing their hearts out. Diane, a local artist was kind enough to donate many pieces of greenware (which are shaped but have not been fired in a kiln) and our students were happy to glaze them to be fired into finished products!






We have explored set design, in which our students were able to collaborate and design two different backdrops then create corresponding plays! The students decided to create “Winter Wonderland” and “A Model’s Runway.” This was a great chance for students to get creative and practice working as a team whilst having fun! Speaking of plays, this year our students were able to learn about improv from the wonderful Ms. Jackie Sestak, representing Room2Improv. Her activities fostered not only self confidence, but also another avenue for self expression.


When we were not working with clay, ceramics, or paint, we let the children guide us in their interests. This year, the children have taken a huge liking to architecture.  Following their lead, we provided an array of materials to practice their building skills! For inspiration, we explored pictures and discussed the local architecture of Frank Gehry’s Pavilion in Millennium park and of course Oak Park’s own Frank Lloyd Wright. The students were excited to learn about the relationship between design and function and practiced incorporating the concept into their designs.


Our most notable time in the studio took place when we stepped outside studying artists such as Joan Miró (check out the student’s interpretations in the front of the studio!) or Jean-Michel Basquiat, and asked students to think outside of technique and art movements. We took a chance and spent a week discussing peace and what their ideal world would be like. Our younger students liked the idea of robots ruling the world while our older students used the examples of peace makers, such as Martin Luther King and Malala Yousafzai as inspiration for changes they would make themselves. We are lucky to have such thoughtful students!

Here’s a look at what else we’ve been up to


Stay tuned for next week’s update!