World Explorers and Historians

June 17, 2016 • After School Workshop

In our first week of summer camp, we were World Explorers and Historians.  

We made ourselves passports and then our journey began in prehistoric caves in Africa, Europe and the Pacific. We created pictures in the style of prehistoric art by making chalk drawings and finger paintings.

Next we traveled forward in time to learn about the middle ages. We made illuminated manuscript pages, mosaics and Native American labyrinths.

During the renaissance we painted with watercolors and made beautiful mandalas.

When we learned about Leonardo da Vinci and Georges Seurat, we made portraits, practiced pointillism and collaborated on an abstract mural.

And on Friday we learned about Matisse and Arcimboldo, so we made collages out of shapes and out of food pictures.

We’ve been around the world this week, and we’ve filled up our passports!

20160617 passport 1