Balance is the Word of the Week

December 2, 2016 • After School Workshop

The thing about balance is that it takes so many forms. Sometimes it’s ordered and logical, sometimes it’s chaotic and constantly adjusting. This week the kids have been experimenting with different forms of balance, whether it’s balancing sculptural pieces, comparing opposites or finding balance as problem solving.

Balance is the follow up to the Pythagoras Switches (Rube Goldberg Machines) that we were making the week before. Using different recycled materials and toys we built tracks and marble runs, finding different ways to propel the marbles.

For balance, we used some of the same materials, however the focus was on colors, shapes and sizes. On one particularly adventurous day, we also used people to make human pyramids.

Visiting Artist Alex Nall spent one afternoon during balance week teaching comic drawing. The kids drew their own illustrations of what is good and what is bad. On another afternoon Visiting Artist Gabriel Andres did physical balancing activities with the group as well as storytelling exercises to look at balance in problem solving.

With all the holidays coming up, it’s nice to have a sense of balance. Whether it’s balancing budgets or over-indulging in sweets, sometimes this time of year we forget all about balance and it’s nice to be reminded.