Science Is Real

August 20, 2021 • After School Workshop

Science and art is one of our favorite partnerships at Magical Minds! This week at camp we learned about cells, human and animal and how cells can mutate and replicate themselves.  This lead us to create our own species out of recycled materials we found around the Studio.  Next up was getting to know our DNA and what better way then to make an edible model.  Then we moved to the arts…BioArt where students were introduced to Adam Zaretsky’s Workhorse Zoo.  What new bacteria could be created in our mini living organism environments? A headless multicolored zebra or a bat bug? That’s not all…we couldn’t resist making some optical illusions to trick our brains a bit.  It is after all the end of summer and we really didn’t want it to end!  A little trickery is always fun 🙂