Red Hearts and Golden Logs

February 18, 2015 • Passport To Preschool

The Passport 2 Preschoolers are an affectionate bunch, and if there is one holiday they LOVE to celebrate it is Saint Valentines Day!

There was a lot of love in the studio last week; we made heart mobiles, heart sun catchers and wonderful heart-shaped holders which held all of our romantic stuff!

Naturally we studied the letter V, and the number 20. We are well equipped with that number of fingers and toes, and so we counted and traced them.

We spent some time philosophizing over love and friendship, and got scientific about our actual hearts, as organs that beat in our chests. We also did the conga!

Have you seen our Golden Log of Glory? Its where we stand when we are especially good. And as last week was an especially good one, many of us stood on it – we were pretty thrilled.