Talking Trash!

April 29, 2015 • Passport To Preschool

Last week we did some serious trash-talking…

4.20.15 cleaning up

… and in the studio, when we talk trash we also talk recycling and composting. And we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk – we put on our coats and did a clean-up walk around Oak Park!

Now, we are always transforming what ordinary folk throw away into objects of beauty and wonder, and last week was no exception: we made HUGE flowers out of water bottles and caps PLUS stained glass pictures of the planet earth from scraps of paper.

Not only that, but we used a bit of the EARTH itself (that is, we used some clay) to make our very own flower pots! You can see, it was a busy week. We still found time to master the letter Z and the numbers 55 to 58 and we were helped in all of these projects and more by classroom assistants Olivia, Vivian, Nadia and Samantha – thank you, ladies!