Busy Bees!

May 27, 2015 • Passport To Preschool

Busy bees, diligent dragonflies and laughing ladybugs; last week we found ourselves inspired by all the fascinating bugs we studied!

We love reading, and recently have been looking at some wonderful books about bugs, but when it comes to insects, the best thing to do is get out there study them in their natural habitat. Where do bugs love to go? Like us, they love the park: we prepared for a walking field trip by making our very own bug books and doing a buzzing bee dance. Clearly our preparations paid off, as we had no trouble collecting lots of  bugs, drawing them and then very carefully letting them go again. It was a huge success, and the bugs were thrilled to be involved!

Back in the studio, we were able to draw upon our experiences out in the field to create wondrous insect-art, and I suspect all the fresh air had a positive impact on our other studies, as we reached the number 74 and made great progress on our ABC books. Four bee helpers were busy all week – thank you to Jackson, Loie, Sara and Nicky!