Planting Flowers and Fun in the Park

May 5, 2015 • Passport To Preschool

Last week was a particularly exciting one, and so we had to take EXTRA photographs to record it all…!

First, we glazed our lovely ceramic vessels from last week. We got thoroughly organized with our letters and alphabetized each and every one of them. Our giant flowers from the previous week, made from recycled plastic bottles were ceremoniously planted in front of the studio, where people have been stopping to admire them all week! They look perfectly at home beside the tree and the tulips.

That wasn’t all the planting we did, either. Inside the studio we planted tissue flowers in pots decorated with whorls of colorful yarn: I wonder who these might make a nice gift for?


We worked on our ABC books and rigorously studied the numbers 59 through to 62 all week and on Thursday we were rewarded for all our hard work with a field trip into the wilderness of Longfellow Park!

Spring has been in the studio for some time – had it reached the park yet? We went there to look for it – and found all sorts of outdoor fun: we built a “campfire”, played the parachute game and did a little al fresco yoga – it was terrific and I’d say Spring has definitely arrived, despite the warm coats!

Assisting us all along the way were our indispensable helpers: Jackson, Sara, Nicky and Loie – thank you all!